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Sustainable and Responsible Business

Billington believes that operating in a sustainable and responsible manner is key to the growth and success of the Group. The Company has a number of policies in place that underpin its day-to-day operations, ensuring the safeguarding of both the environment and its stakeholders. This highlights Billington’s fundamental commitment to delivering responsible business growth and development.



Due to the industry in which Billington operates, the Company recognises that its business activities can impact the wider environment, and therefore, the Group has an obligation to reduce the direct negative impact of these activities. In order to manage the environmental risk, the Company has adopted policies that comply with the ISO BS EN 14001 – Environmental Management System.

The policies implemented by Billington manage the Company’s environmental impact by reducing pollution, improving energy efficiency and reusing and recycling waste (where possible), in order to achieve its long-term environmental goals. The Company also maintains the Gold Standard awarded by the British Constructional Steel Association (BCSA) for meeting the requirements of the Steel Construction Sustainability Charter. The programme of sustainability objectives is reviewed annually as a means of demonstrating continuous improvement.

To ensure the successful implementation of the Company’s environmental policies, Billington educates and informs its employees of the environmental impact of their work activities, and encourages staff to seek methods to reduce these impacts. It also provides employees with the necessary resources to deliver the Company’s environmental objectives.

Additionally, the Group works in partnership with sub-contractors to identify and develop procedures to reduce the environmental impact of its onsite project work to a practicable minimum and ensure optimum efficiency of onsite operations.

The Board is responsible for continuously monitoring and reviewing these policies to ensure the programme is adapted and improved. This will ultimately save the Company money, improve brand reputation and reduce Billington’s environmental footprint.



Billington’s stakeholders are an integral part of the business, they consist of: customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, advisors and the local communities within which the Group operates.


Employee engagement, development and satisfaction is key to building a successful business. Billington invests in the development of its staff, adopting a number of policies aimed at recruiting and rewarding employees, including operating effective training and award-winning apprenticeship schemes.

Billington keeps an open line of communication with employees, including through regular briefings and the production of company literature including a bi-annual newsletter. Board members frequently attend management briefings with Group companies to ensure active engagement at all levels.

The Company implements an Employee Share Option Plan to allow employees to share in the future and continued success of the Group.

These policies help to foster employee communication and development, and help to deliver long-term Company growth.

Equal opportunities

Billington is an equal opportunity employer, it adheres to the Equality Act 2010, and believes that all individuals should be treated fairly and equally. The Group strives to create a supportive and welcoming environment where diversity is valued and employees have the ability to progress and prosper without prejudice or discrimination.


The Group is committed to the highest standards of openness, honesty and accountability, and has a strong whistleblowing policy in place that allows all employees to confidently raise any concerns they have internally, without fear of reprisal. The Audit and Risk Committee continues to review these procedures and their effectiveness in order to positively enhance the working environment.

Health and Safety

Health and safety issues are monitored and reviewed on a monthly basis by senior management and the Board.

The Group has a fully integrated management system for the internal and external control of health and safety which is managed by the Group Health & Safety Manager. This includes the use of risk management systems for the identification, mitigation and reporting of health and safety management information.

Billington’s onsite teams have received numerous awards and recognition for their dedication to health and safety practices and the Company aims to continue this success.


The Company is actively involved in supporting local and national charities, and has established the Billington Holdings Charity Foundation through which it directs all charitable donations. It hosts charitable events for employees and donates funds to its local communities, sports teams and other worthwhile causes.


Billington recognises the importance of training and development in maintaining and growing the success of the business, especially considering the skills shortage within the industry.

The Group has a long history of providing apprenticeship programmes throughout the business, and these form a key element of the overall recruitment and development strategy for Billington. As part of this strategy, the Company was instrumental in developing the BSCA CRAFT Certificate that covers training for a range of steelwork operations. The Company was recognised for its Apprenticeship/ Training Scheme at the 2018 Made in Yorkshire awards.

The Group also supports local colleges and universities, providing young people with knowledge of, and giving them an insight into, the industry. Additionally, the Company provides various training opportunities to existing employees, enabling them to grow, develop and reach their full potential.

Modern Slavery

Modern slavery is a growing concern in the UK and, therefore, Billington considers its responsibilities regarding this with the upmost importance. It complies with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and recognises its duties in relation to the Company’s employees and supply chain. The Group implements a number of processes and procedures within the business and reviews these practices on an ongoing basis.



Good corporate governance is one of the Company’s core values and, as an AIM listed entity, it is something that the Group takes very seriously, ensuring that the Board implements the Quoted Companies Alliance Corporate Governance Code for Small and Mid-Sized Quoted Companies throughout the Company’s operations.

Bribery and Corruption Policy

Billington has a strict, zero tolerance bribery and corruption policy, which complies with the Bribery Act 2010, to ensure the integrity and transparency of the Group is maintained. All Group employees are informed of the Company’s Bribery and Corruption policy and the Board is responsible for ensuring that all sectors of the business comply with these obligations.

Ethical principles


The Group values its reputation for ethical behaviour and has a set of values that are at the core of its business philosophy.

To conduct business ethically, maintaining the Company’s integrity

The Company will communicate fully and openly in its dealings with employees, clients, suppliers and the community, ensuring Billington meets its obligations to the best of its ability. The Group will conduct its business operations in an honest, fair and transparent manner. The Company will strive to meet the highest industry standards across all Group companies and ensure all employees are in the position to successfully deliver these requirements.

To value the welfare of its employees and ensure they have a safe, healthy and productive working environment

Billington values its employees and understands they are key to delivering the sustained growth and development of the Company. The Group ensures every employee has the opportunity to fulfil their potential in a supportive and inclusive environment.

To be regarded as a good neighbour and operate in a sustainable manner

The Group is highly regarded in the industry and aims to maintain this positive reputation. It engages openly and effectively with stakeholders and communities, and adopts the highest standards of environmental and suitability guidelines to minimise its impact within the areas it operates.

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